Here are some popular instruction sheets for specific products that Dobinsons sells which require non-standard installation.

Monotube Struts and Shocks Fitting Instructions:

IMS Strut fitting instructions

MRA Strut fitting instructions

MRA Strut assembly instructions

MRA Owners instructions

MRA59-60682, MRA59-60685, and MRA59-60687


MRA59-A228 and MRA59-A220

MRA59-A575 (universal bracket)

IMS29-50732 and IMS29-50742 LH + IMS29-50742 RH IMS Struts

MRA59-A700 and MRA59-A574

MRA59-A701 (vehicle specific bracket)



MRA45-A115T, MRA45-A913T, MRA45-A915T

MRA45-A114, MRA45-A914, MRA51-A116, MRA45-A912, MRA59-A683,

MRA59-A782, MRA59-A786 

Adjustable Monotube Steering Damper Fitting Instructions:

SS59A824 Adjustable Monotube Steering Damper

SS51A811 Adjustable Monotube Steering Damper


Suspension Alignment Parts and General Fitting Instructions:

Hydraulic Bump Stop General Fitting Instructions

HBS59-010K Hydraulic Bump Stop Bracket Kit Instructions

HBS45-008FK Hydraulic Bump Stop Bracket Kit Instructions

WA59-514K Caster Plate Kit Instructions – For 80 Series Land Cruiser

WA57-505K AND WA57-506K Installation Instructions – For Suzuki 4×4 Front End Alignment

DD59-530K Dobinsons Front IFS Diff Drop Kit for Toyota Tundra, 200 Series Land Cruiser and Sequoia

UCA19-004K Installation Instructions – Upper Control Arms for Ford Ranger and BT-50 Series II

UCA59-001K Installation Instructions – Upper Control Arms for TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 SERIES AND LEXUS LX570

UCA59-002K Installation Instructions – Upper Control Arms for FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Prado 150, GX470, GX460

UCA59-003K Installation Instructions – Upper Control Arms for TOYOTA TACOMA (2005-19), HILUX (2005-19) AND FORTUNER (2005-19)

RB59-522K Caster Bushing Kit Instructions – For 80 Series Land Cruiser

PB59-503K Caster Bushing Kit Instructions – For 80 Series Land Cruiser

GS29-430 Jeep Cherokee KL Front Struts Installation Note – For Jeep Cherokee KL

BA45-005 FITTING INSTRUCTIONS – For 80 Series Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol

KDSS Instructions 4Runner – Dobinsons Suspension

KDSS instructions 200 series – Dobinsons Suspension

WA59-516K Coil Conversion Kit Instructions


Front Strut Assembly Sequence with Orientation:

Strut Assembly – Toyota Prado 150 4Runner 5th Gen FJ Cruiser GX460 200 Series

Strut-Assembly – Toyota Hilux Vigo Revo and Tacoma Isuzu Dmax and Colorado

Strut Assembly – Prado 90 120 GX470 4Runner 4th Gen

Strut Assembly – VW Amarok Mazda BT50 Ford Ranger PX

Strut Assembly – Nissan Navara Frontier NP300

Strut Assembly – Navara Frontier Pathfinder D40 D23 NP300 R51

Strut Assembly – Mitsubishi Triton L20

Strut Assembly - Toyota Tundra 2007-2021


Dobinsons 4×4 Accessories

Dobinsons Drawer System Instructions

EA80-3830 – Dual battery kit fitting guide

Dobinsons 40L 50L Fridge Manual

FF80-3960 60 Litre single zone fridge freezer manual

FF80-3980 80 Litre dual zone fridge freezer manual

Dobinsons Rollout Awning User Guide


Dobinsons Snorkels

SN59-3461 Tacoma 2nd Gen Installation Guide

SN59-3463 Tacoma 3rd Gen Installation Guide

SN59-3467 4Runner 5th Gen Installation Guide

SN59-3471 4Runner 4th Gen Installation Guide

SN59-3468 Tundra 2014+ 5.7L V8 Installation Guide


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