Shipping lead times and info

Last updated 10/14/2021


Here’s a brief summary of some commonly asked questions, as well as updates on common products on backorder

Current warehouse average lead time for a new and in-stock order to ship out is 1-3 business days for a simple order and 2-4 business days for a full suspension kit or an order with a lot of components


Current lead time to get a set of coils and struts assembled and shipped is 1 week!! Don’t order strut assembly if you want your order to ship out quickly!!


What is a backorder? A backorder is an order placed against parts that aren’t in stock, but are on the way. Due to huge demand over the past year and more difficulty getting products shipped from overseas, many people have no choice other than to place a backorder and wait for their products to arrive, as it’s very common for some parts that arrive in a container to be completely sold out when they arrive.


Shipping Times – Due to international logistics issues far beyond anyone’s control, many container deliveries have been impacted with huge transit delays. Prior to 2020, it would take about 6 weeks or 45 days to get a container from Australia to the USA. Right now, it takes 3 months (12-13 weeks) for that same container and the cost of shipping has more than tripled due to the demand and shortage of containers and space on ships as well. This is why some parts are taking 4-5 months to come in, accounting for production time and transit time. So if something is not in stock and not on the way yet, it will be at least 3-4 months until it comes in. That ship that blocked the Suez canal created a massive backlog that could impact us for many months to come, as some ships don’t just go back and forth from Australia to the USA, some continue on to Europe and around the world in a round-the-world loop.


If an item is out of stock or not available on the website please contact us at


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